If you ever wondered what body language means, if you ask me, this is my answer:

The ability, the “secret weapon” to see and read people in high definition!

Why is this a secret weapon? Because it can help you to identify the lying signs, the hidden emotions, acknowledge the incomplete answers, you can hear the change of voice pitch. And all these without the other person realizing it.

Why HD?

Because, as soon as you can see the body’s signs, the red flags, you can get all the information you need for accomplish your purpose (hire someone for a job, close a business deal or an agreement).

We all have daily interactions with family members, coworkers, friends and so on but, usually, we do not pay attention to their body language because we trust them. And because we believe them, we do not look for lying signs.

But, let’s take a moment and imagine a business meeting or the moment when you need to agree on a contract details, it would be helpful to have the right skills to read a person’s body language?

I believe it would.

Some people tell that the key to success is the ability to communicate using words. In my opinion, the body’s moves “speak louder” than any kind of word. No matter what, in every conversation, you give and receive silent signals. Your nonverbal behavior – gestures, body posture, voice tone, visual contact, all of these send strong and loud messages that can make people feel comfortable, can build long term relationships or, contrariwise, can send the wrong messages.

For example, when somebody says “Yes” but the head moves on a “No” direction from left to right. What is your feeling to this contradiction?

As a rational thinker you might choose to believe what you hear but body language is a natural, unconscious way to express feelings and real intensions. In this case, maybe you can listen your inner silent advisor and decide not to believe everything you hear.

Where to look at during a conversation?

The nonverbal communication includes the following:

Facial expressions. Human face can express emotions without using any word and these are the universal facial expressions all over the world: happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, contempt, and disgust.

Body move and posture. The way you look at people is affected by the way the others stand, walk, or keep the body in an upright position. The way you move sends a lot of information about yourself (we will talk soon about this, in a different article), and includes body posture, head posture, subtle moves you make.

Gestures. These are used all day long, every day. Just think about how many times per day you point something, use your hands to fight or to talk, use the gestures to express yourself ignoring the words.

Visual contact. The way you look at someone can send so many kinds of messages. From interest and affection to hostility or physical attraction. The eye contact interaction is important to keep the conversation’s flow and to show interest and appreciation.

Voice. It is important what you say but, in the same time, take care how you say it. When you talk, other persons can “read” your voice besides the words. They pay attention to your voice timing and rhythm, volume, tone, and inflections. Think about how your voice can express sarcasm, anger, affection, or trust.

After this reading you can start to follow the nonverbal signs during your interactions at home, at work or during social occasions. Look at the people, listen to them and see if you can match the words with the body language.

This is just the introduction. If you think that is too much, do not worry, there is more …

If you want to find out more about body language, stay close and read the next articles or watch the movies (will also have videos).

Please feel free to share this, comment or ask me questions.

Be safe!

See you soon!

Ramona Mirea


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